ETIM 9.0






Release date





Code Name
EC000001 Busbar terminal
EC000003 Residual current circuit breaker (RCCB)
EC000005 Cable end sleeve
EC000006 Cover plate for installation units
EC000007 Cover frame for domestic switching devices
EC000008 Tap off unit for busbar trunk
EC000009 Hammer set anchor
EC000010 Combination of contactors
EC000011 Control element/cover plate for domestic switching devices
EC000012 Slotted cable trunking system
EC000013 Base plate for flush mounted installation
EC000014 Incandescent lamp tube-shaped
EC000016 Explosion proof CEE socket outlet (IEC 60309)
EC000017 Explosion proof CEE-plug/-coupler (IEC 60309)
EC000018 Insert/cover for communication technology
EC000019 Coaxial cable
EC000020 Combination switch/wall socket outlet
EC000022 Bracket for cable support system
EC000023 Cover for wall duct/Installation column
EC000024 Device installation insert for subfloor installation
EC000025 Dimmer
EC000026 Low Voltage HRC solid link
EC000028 Threaded rod
EC000029 Push button
EC000030 End switch
EC000032 Plug for cable screw gland
EC000033 Installation strap
EC000034 Fibre optic cable
EC000036 Miniature fuse holder
EC000037 Halogen metal halide lamp without reflector
EC000038 High voltage halogen lamp
EC000040 Cavity fixing
EC000041 Auxiliary contact block
EC000042 Miniature circuit breaker (MCB)
EC000044 Window blind switch
EC000045 Candle-shaped incandescent lamp
EC000046 Cable tie
EC000047 Cable tray
EC000048 Anchor bolt
EC000050 Chain
EC000051 Sphere-shaped incandescent lamp
EC000052 Coupler for plinth skirting duct
EC000054 Incandescent lamp with ring head
EC000055 Knife blade fuse
EC000056 Mercury vapour lamp
EC000058 Empty cabinet
EC000059 Mini/maxi trunking
EC000060 Hood for light signalling unit
EC000061 Light pole


Code Name
EF000001 Nominal current
EF000002 Nominal voltage
EF000003 Mounting method
EF000004 Protection class
EF000005 Assembly arrangement
EF000006 Method of operation
EF000007 Colour
EF000008 Width
EF000010 Model
EF000012 Head form
EF000013 Screwing system
EF000014 Sleeve length
EF000015 Outer diameter
EF000016 Suitable for max. cable diameter
EF000017 Watertight
EF000018 Core cross section
EF000019 Insulated
EF000022 Oil resistant
EF000023 Heat-resistant
EF000024 UV resistant
EF000025 Halogen free
EF000026 Duct width
EF000028 Principle of operation
EF000029 Contacts
EF000030 Function
EF000033 Switch
EF000034 Frequency
EF000035 Lamp power
EF000036 Reflector
EF000037 Circuit
EF000038 Screening
EF000039 Suitable for through-wiring
EF000040 Height
EF000041 Application
EF000042 Socket
EF000043 Number of loudspeaker outputs
EF000046 Wireless
EF000047 Amperage
EF000048 Lamp holder
EF000049 Depth
EF000051 Shape
EF000054 Number of poles
EF000055 Cover
EF000057 Main switch
EF000058 Max. cable cross section
EF000060 Nominal cross section conductor
EF000061 Material core insulation
EF000062 Rotatable
EF000063 Length belt/tape/tie
EF000064 Type of connection