Uniclass 2015 1








Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International


Code Name
Ac Activities
Ac_05 Project management activities
Ac_05_00 Strategy stage activities
Ac_05_00_10 Business case development
Ac_05_00_80 Strategic brief preparation
Ac_05_00_82 Strategic brief submission
Ac_05_10 Brief stage activities
Ac_05_10_15 Cost estimate preparation
Ac_05_10_17 Cost estimate submission
Ac_05_10_29 Feasibility study preparation
Ac_05_10_31 Feasibility study submission
Ac_05_10_61 Preliminary design preparation
Ac_05_10_63 Preliminary design submission
Ac_05_10_65 Project brief and objectives preparation
Ac_05_10_67 Project brief and objectives submission
Ac_05_20 Concept stage activities
Ac_05_20_15 Concept cost report preparation
Ac_05_20_17 Concept cost report submission
Ac_05_20_21 Concept design development
Ac_05_20_23 Concept design report preparation
Ac_05_20_25 Concept design report submission
Ac_05_30 Definition stage activities
Ac_05_30_03 Agreement negotiating
Ac_05_30_10 Building regulation assessing
Ac_05_30_21 Definition design cost report preparation
Ac_05_30_23 Definition design cost report submission
Ac_05_30_25 Definition design development
Ac_05_30_27 Definition design report preparation
Ac_05_30_28 Definition design submission
Ac_05_30_29 Drainage adoption agreeing
Ac_05_30_37 Highways adoption agreeing
Ac_05_30_60 Party wall notices agreeing
Ac_05_30_64 Planning preparation
Ac_05_30_85 Sustainability assessing
Ac_05_40 Design stage activities
Ac_05_40_60 Prototype requesting
Ac_05_40_70 Sample requesting
Ac_05_40_85 Technical design cost report preparation
Ac_05_40_87 Technical design development
Ac_05_40_89 Technical design report preparation
Ac_05_40_91 Technical design submission
Ac_05_50 Build and commission stage activities
Ac_05_50_15 Contractor mobilizing
Ac_05_50_41 Information submitting
Ac_05_50_43 Inspecting
Ac_05_50_51 Measuring
Ac_05_50_54 Monitoring
Ac_05_50_60 Prototype submission
Ac_05_50_70 Sample submission
Ac_05_50_72 Setting out